Ignore Jewellery Trends – Ask yourself these 5 questions

Suffragette Pendant: Green is Hope, Purple is Dignity, White is Purity

Self-adornment has been around since we first learned to carve beads from bones, shells and pebbles. Jewellery has been used as money, for protection, as symbols of status, wealth, position or for religious and ritual purposes. It has even been used to signify causes, for example, the suffragettes used color to symbolise their cause and those colours crept into the jewellery of the time.

Reading through various fashion magazines this year I’ve learned that fruity themes and animal themes, flowers and bouquets, hoops and mismatched earrings, plastic and shoulder length earrings … are all on trend in. Errrm ok.

From my perspective, jewellery is personal. Wear what you like. Choose jewellery that reflects you and your personal taste. Trends are great for “flavouring up” your seasonal wardrobe, so have fun with them while they last.

The changing face of Engagement Rings

Classic styles, can last a lifetime, and generally, go with everything so you will tend to find them in items like engagement rings. Statement pieces definitely do that, they make a statement about who you are and what you stand for but they can be difficult to wear on a daily basis.

So here are a couple of questions to ask yourself when you are purchasing a piece of jewellery.

  1. How often will you wear the piece? Daily? Special Occasions?
    • Daily wear means it needs to be fairly robust. Metal, especially in rings, will deform with daily wear. Thin rings are especially prone to this.
  2. Consider if the overall design will work with you. Sharp corners on jewellery are killer on clothes and the person. Large hoops of dangly earrings might not be great around small children.
  3. Who is it for? Child, Adult, Me, of course!

    Silver, Gemstone & Leather Bracelet
  4. What kind of care should I give it. Most metals are fairly tough, but gemstones can be delicate – e.g. Opals are soft so mountings should give adequate protection. Some opals should never be immersed in water or it will ruin the stone. Ask about the stones’s hardness and any care. Can it go into an ultrasonic cleaner safely?
  5.  How much do you want to spend? Right now, gold is very expensive. Silver is more affordable. But if you like gold, a less expensive alternative is Gold- Filled – available in 12 or 14ct usually, it is a thin layer of gold bonded to a base metal. Generally it is about 5% gold content. It will wear like gold and can last 20-30 years or more without losing its lustre and is priced similarly to Silver. Stay away from plate which will rub away quickly, sometimes within weeks.

The key point is to find pieces that speak to you, that you like and want to wear. Whether it’s simple, colourful, complex, natural, geometric or industrial. What matters is that you like it and you want to wear it. Set your own trend and let others follow your lead.

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